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TEHRAN (10 - 17 MAY 2014) 

The secretariat of Iran International Festival of University Theatre announces that the 17th IIFUT will be held May 10 to 17, 2014, in Tehran. The aim of the Festival is to present, by way of a variety of plays, performances and subsequent critical analyses, colloquies and workshops, a global picture of the diverse trends in university theatre and also promote the knowledge of theatre students in Iran by this international meeting. To promote education and cultural and artistic development, the IIFUT will organize workshops of a high international standard by inviting international masters and university professors.

In accordance with the ideals of IIFUT it is essential that the performances present a diversity of cultures, scenic forms and dramatic expression. Thereby we invite university students, scholars, trainers and professors from all around the world to IIFUT.

The Organizing and Executive Committee of IIFUT is all M.A students or recently graduates. The selection committee and advisers are all university professors and professional theatre practitioners.

The 17th IIFUT will be held in these sections:

  • Stage Theatres
  • Performance Experiences (Performances, Environmental theatres)
  • University Professors' Theatres
  • Playwrights Competition (Akbar Radi's Award)
  • Research Competition (Prof. Farhad Nazerzadeh Kermani's Award)
  • Radio Drama
  • Theatre Photography and Poster Competition

International students can apply for Stage Theatres, Performance Experiences and Research Competition sections. We also invite university professors who work with their students or professional actors to participate in University Professors' Theatres section and share their experiences with.


Application Rules for International Groups

Please read carefully!


  1. Applicants should fill registration form and send it by E-mail to the secretariat of 17th IIFUT (You can find the form and addresses below)
  2. A summary of the director's artistic resume
  3. A description of the group, its history and its activity
  4. A complete synopsis of the play in English
  5. Minimum of 4 top quality digital performance photographs of the play
  6. An internet link to a minimum of 5 minutes of a performance of the play (if it is available)
  7. Applicants should send CD or DVD of their play to the secretariat of 17th IIFUT by January 31, 2014.


  • The Applicants of International section of the 17th IIFUT should be students, theatre graduates or teachers and professors of schools, colleges and universities.
  • The students, teachers and professors with Iranian nationality who are educated and active in other countries can participated in this part.
  • The international section of the 17th IIFUT is not competitive.
  • Street plays and outdoor performances can also apply for this section.
  • The main subject of International Section is the PEACE and related concepts. (The priority for Selection Committee is performances related to this concept, but other subjects are welcomed too)
  • Application form and other documents should be sent to iifut17@gmail.com
  • Deadline for application is January 31, 2014.
  • All the requirements should be received by the secretariat in this date. The decision of final selection belongs to the Selection and Executive Committee of IIFUT.
  • Selected plays and performances will be announced by February 10, 2014. (We will announce them on www.iifut.com and to contact persons of selected groups)

IIFUT will cover the following expenses:

  • Round Trip Airport Transport for all Performance members
  • Accommodation during the festival
  • Meals
  • Free entry to all IIFUT programs

IIFUT will not be able to cover expenses for:

  • Airfare
  • The expenses for the stage design and other set equipment (If possible, IIFUT will provide some light equipment and accessories)

Points not covered in the above will be subject to the Executive's decision. These decisions will generally be communicated to the participants in writing.



Research Competition (Prof. Farhad Nazerzadeh Kermani's Award)

This section of festival is to introduce superior researchers and also support them, which will be held in two separate parts for professors and students.


Performance studies: A window to the Iranian recent theater

Performance studies are one of the important fields of artistic and aesthetic studying of all activities such: theater events, performance art, ritual and religious events, cultural, political and sport festivals and so on. The 17th IIFUT is trying to promote performance studies through the conferences. The suggested topics of the research section are defined as following:

  • A Comparative Study of Iranian performance patterns with the other cultures
  • Interaction of modern and ancient Persian literature in performance studies field
  • Religious and ritual acting from the perspective of performance studies
  • New media and cyberspaces of the performance
  • Urban spaces and dramaturgical of performance
  • Native (local) view of performance art
  • Performance studies: aesthetic approaches of the visual arts and music


Application Rules for Research Competition:

  • The application form on the website should be filled in and the abstract must be uploaded until 11.12.2013
  • Abstracts should not exceed 300 words and the keywords are necessary to be mentioned.
  • The selected abstracts will be announced till 21.12.2013
  • The accepted applicants of the first step should submit the PDF format of the article till 01.03.2014 (the article text should have words between 3 and 6 thousand)
  • The submitted articles of this part should not be published in the other books or journals.
  • Eventually the selected articles will be presented during the festival.



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Director of the Festival:

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Director of International Affairs:

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